AltiGen-Certified / Recommended Products

Product: Konftel 50 Office Conference Phone

AltiGen recommends the Konftel 50 as an alternative office conference phone to work with AltiGen’s IP 705 and IP 710 phones.


The Konftel 50 connects to the handset port on the AltiGen IP phone set, through a switchbox that comes with the unit.


Basic connection instructions for the Konftel 50:

  1. Remove the AltiGen IP phone handset cable from the phone’s handset port, and plug it into the Konftel 50 switchbox.
  2. Plug the Konftel 50 switchbox cable into the handset port of the AltiGen IP phone.
  3. Plug one end of the Konftel connection cable into the line connection port on the bottom of the Konftel 50 unit and the other end into the Konftel 50 switch box.
  4. Plug the Konftel unit into a power outlet.


After making or answering a call (with the handset lifted), press the Konftel on/off button to switch on the Konftel 50 unit and change to a speaker call. Volume and microphone sensitivity are adjustable.


The Konftel 50 also works with most cellular telephones (cable required), and computers for IP softphone applications. It can be used with VoIP and other PC audio applications by connecting to your computer soundcard with cables provided. An optional USB adapter is also available.


See  for technical data and more details.