AltiGen Field Alert #146

Date:                April 22, 2005 (updated July 2006)

Subject:            AltiGen-recommended headsets

Distribution:      All Dealers

Doc Type:        Field Alert

Release:          N/A

Scope:             N/A

Application:      N/A 

Hardware:        AltiTouch and IP Phones

Keywords:       Recommended, Headsets, Headset, AltiTouch, IP600, IP600H, IP705, IP710, FA146

Obsolete:        No 

This field alert provides up-to-date information on recommended headsets for AltiGen phones and IPTalk (AltiGen softphone). Please note this information supersedes previous headset recommendations (Field Alerts #88 and #116).


AltiGen phones can use the following headsets:


Analog Phones


§      Plantronics H81N*

§      Plantronics H91N*

§      Plantronics H101N*



§      Plantronics H81N*

§      Plantronics H91N*

§      Plantronics H101N*


IP Phones

§      Plantronics H91N*

§      Plantronics H101N*

§      Acoustical Innovations Model # NT-201-4550 Tri-mount Convertible™ Direct Connect**

§      Acoustical Innovations Model # NT-801-4550 Inspire Monaural™ Direct Connect**

§      Acoustical Innovations Model # NT-901-4550 Inspire Binaural™ Direct Connect**


IP Talk (AltiGen softphone)

§      Plantronics DA60 with H91N or H101N headset

(Recommended for call center agent or heavy use)

§      Plantronics DSP-300

(Recommended only for occasional use, for example, traveling and home use)


* In order to plug in the Plantronics H101N, H91N or H81N headset to an AltiTouch 500, AltiTouch 510 or AltiGen IP phone headset port, a separate cable must be ordered. The Plantronics part number for this cable is 27190-01.


** Acoustical Innovations ( ). For purchasing information and online IT dealer accounts, contact Eileen Spies, ext. 106. Mention “AltiGen Dealer” to get the best dealer price.


Ordering Information

Pricing is available through your local distributor. These devices can be purchased from various sources (Ingram Micro, Synnex, Graybar, etc.). Product warranty and repairs are provided by the supplier or the manufacturer. No warranty, repairs or support services are provided by AltiGen Communications.