AltiGen Field Alert #183
Date:                   July 5, 2006
Subject:               Labels available for IP 705 phone
Distribution:        All Dealers
Doc Type:           Field Alert
Release:              N/A
Scope:                 N/A
Application:         N/A
Hardware:            IP705
Keywords:            IP705, IP-705, Label, Labels, DESI, FA183
Obsolete:             No



DESI Telephone Labels, Inc., now has labels available for the AltiGen IP 705 phone, in addition to labels for other AltiGen phones.


The DESI part numbers for AltiGen phone labels are:


      IP 705 DESI part number 13210

      IP 710 DESI part number 13065

      Alti-IP600 DESI part number 12515


To contact DESI Telephone Labels, Inc:


Phone: (800) 814-3922

Fax: (888) 577-4090