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Triton and Max access boards.
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Servers, telephony boards, and phones.

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  1. questionRe-Image Instructions For AltiOffice 3G-R4
    Alti-Office3G (equipped with SATA RAID) restore using the System Recovery Image Disks with TeraByte WARNING: The following procedure will re-format your hard disk and bring the system back to the state it was when it was shipped from AltiGen. All information on the disk will be overwritten. Per ...
  2. questionWhere to look for serial numbers on boards and phones
    Where to look for serial numbers on boards and phones Resolution: When you need to supply a serial number for an AltiGen product, here’s where to find it: Boards TritonVoIP, Triton T1E1, and Triton Resource Board – On the front of the board, on the topmost white label at the u ...