MAX Communication Server Release 6.5 Update 1 Feature Summary

PBX, Voice Mail, and Auto Attendant New Features and Enhancements

Insert Repeating Recording Alert Tone

In addition to inserting a single tone before recording a conversation, a periodic recording alert tone (1400 Hz half-second burst repeat every 15 seconds) is added to the recording tone configuration option. This feature only supports IP Extension using IP Phone/IPTalk and MobileExtension over SIP Trunk.

Administration Enhancements

Import Extension from Active Directory

This feature allows administrator to import extensions from Microsoft Active Directory. This saves significant time by avoiding re-entering extension information.

AltiGen IP phone auto discover server IP address

When an AltiGen IP phone boots up, the user only needs to enter extension number and password upon prompted. AltiGen IP phone can discover the MAXCS server IP address from DHCP server option 120. This feature simplifies IP phone deployment process. The user will only need to enter the extension and password to activate the extension. In addition to making initial IP phone setup easier, this feature is also helpful when there is a need to migrate MAXCS to a new IP address. The administrator just needs to update the new MAXCS IP address in the DHCP server and then reboot all Altigen IP phones. The phones will automatically pick up the new MAXCS IP address.

Custom Phrase Management tool

Custom Phrase Manager is a Windows-based application that makes managing custom phrases easy. It displays all custom phrases in a graphical user interface. You can add, delete, play, or modify a phrase by clicking a button. You also can rename an existing phrase to a meaningful name.

Note: An AltiGen Client SDK license is required to use this tool.

Changes in automatic administrative tasks:

  • The configuration backup option under MAXCS Data Management is now turned on by default.
  • In the midnight tasks, reset channel is removed, and MAXCS will no longer reset channels and boards automatically.

Client and Add-on Applications

AltiConsole change

The "Location" column is added to identify extension's location.

MaxCommunicator, MaxAgent, and MaxOutlook

  • Smart Tags Auto Dialing - Phone numbers that appear in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint programs can be automatically dialed through the active MaxClient by either clicking an icon (in Internet Explorer) or choosing "Dial by MaxClient" from a Smart Tag (in Microsoft Office programs).
  • Select-n-Dial - Let the user highlight a phone number from any application and then automatically dial that phone number by pressing a shortcut key(s) the user defines for this task.
  • MaxCall - MaxCall is an outbound dialing application for increasing the productivity of outbound call centric agents
    • Pre-record the "Perfect" message
    • Hand over call to system when reaches callee's voicemail or recording machine
    • Agents can continue on to the next call while the server completes the message playback
    • Store multiple message and select based on current campaign
    • Push caller ID based on current campaign
      Note: A MaxCall license is required.

MaxCommunicator and MaxAgent for OCS

"MaxCommunicator for OCS" and "MaxAgent for OCS" each functions as a plug-in to Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2. The two new programs are separated from stand-alone MaxCommunicator and MaxAgent and require their own installation. They work much like the stand-alone clients, with a few differences.

Note: Only one of these OCS products can be used on a client machine at a time.

MaxMobile for iPhone MaxMobile iPhone edition makes the iPhone a fully capable office phone extension and serves as a "desktop" call control client, allowing the user to access, configure, and perform most of the company's PBX functions directly from the graphical user interface in MaxMobile Communicator.

Note: A MaxMobile license is required.


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