Dumping Process Memory to a File

In rare cases, individual process memory dumps are necessary to identify a problem. You can find a tool to dump the altiserv.exe (core switching process) and SPServ.exe (IP phone service) here. This utility should only be used when directed by an Altigen technical support representative based on your particular case.

Copy and unzip the attachment linked above to a temporary folder on your client\'s MAXCS system. Make sure to read the included readme.txt file. When the issue occurs, run the “altigen_memory_dump.bat” file. The utility make take a few minutes to complete. It is required that a trace collection accompanies any posted memory dumps for an open case along with a complete problem description, noting date and time of report. Make sure to zip up any memory dumps (the file size will be reduced by 75% or more).

Note that the batch file can be edited to dump the memory for any process -- please contact technical support before making any changes.

*If you are unable to click on the hyperlink, here's the actual link: https://tsfiles.altigen.com/main.html?download&weblink=004710472ae1de76da2e50bcf3201eec&realfilename=AltiGenMemoryDump.zip


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