RAID Swap Instructions for 3G-R3 and 3G-R4 chassis

The 3G-R3 and 3G-R4 server chassis use the Accusys 76200 RAID assembly. Proper procedure needs to be followed if drives are being moved from one system and plugged in to another system. Failure to follow this procedure may corrupt the data on the drives, requiring the system be reimaged.

  1. In the source system (where you are moving drives from), determine which drives are active. The drives with green and/or blue LEDs are active. The drive with an orange LED is a standby drive and is not active.
  2. Power off the source system.
  3. Power off the target system (where you are moving the drives to.)
  4. Remove all drives from the target system and then power it on. Wait for the RAID alarm to beep (roughly 10-20 seconds) and then power the target system off.
  5. Insert one of the previously active source drives in the top slot of the target system and power it on.
  6. Logon to the system and start the StorConn RAID management utility. Verify that the top drive shows On-line.
  7. Install all remaining drives from the source system.
  8. After a few minutes, StorConn should update to show the middle drive as “Re-build” and the last drive as “Spare”.
  9. Allow RAID to fully rebuild before shutting down or taking any other action with the drives.


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