Field Alert #258 MAX2000 RAID issues and resolution

Hard drives in the MAX2000 chassis require jumper installation to prevent intermittent RAID issues.
An issue has been identified with the RAID assembly in the MAX2000 chassis. Intermittently the RAID array will lose sync upon powering the chassis on (initially or after having been shut down). The symptom is the bottom drive entering an alarm state immediately upon powering the system back on.
We recommend the fix below be implemented on all MAX2000 systems, both 120GB and 250GB hard drive models. We have seen only a few issues in the field, but this proactive step should be taken to avoid any problems in the future.
The permenant fix is to install a jumper on each of the hard drives. Shut down the MAX2000 and remove the top drive, then install a jumper as shown in red on the diagram below. A picture of the drive with the jumper correctly installed is below the diagram. After installing the jumper, put the top drive back in the RAID assembly. Repeat the process with the bottom drive, then power up the system.
Jumpers can be sourced from AltiGen directly. Please send a no-charge PO requesting part ALTI-JUMPER. We will provide 2 jumpers per purchased MAX2000 chassis. Email the PO to Orders will be shipped at no charge via USPS.
Jumpers can also be sourced locally – generally at more specialized computer hardware retailers – or online. The type is a 2mm micro jumper. 


AltiGen Field Alert #258
Date: 8/21/2009
Subject: MAX2000 RAID issues and resolution
Distribution: All Partners


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