AppNote: MaxSupervisor

What is it?
MaxSupervisor is PC desktop software that runs with the MAX Communication Server (MAXCS) ACC and MAXCS ACM systems. 
Using MaxSupervisor, supervisors of workgroup agents can monitor the real time status and performance of a workgroup, including calls, workgroup statistics, and agent state. This information can be stored in an internal or external CDR database for future review and analysis. The supervisor has the ability to listen to calls and to barge in or coach calls if assistance is needed. The supervisor can also re-route a call in queue, if necessary.

Why use it?

MaxSupervisor is recommended for any call center supervisor who requires a simple graphical interface to monitor real time workgroup performance and to streamline common tasks.

How to install it:

Installation overview (refer to the MaxSupervisor manual for detailed instructions):

- MaxSupervisor requires that a MaxSupervisor seat or session license be installed at the MAXCS 8.5 ACM system. 

- MaxSupervisor can be found on your MAXCS Client CDs. Direct download locations are linked on the compatibility chart below.

1.Exit all Windows applications.

2.Insert the MAX Communication Server Clients CD into the CD ROM drive.

3.Open the MaxSupervisor folder, and run the Setup program in that folder, following the step-by-step installation instructions as they appear on the screen.

4.Alternatively, if your system administrator has loaded MaxSupervisor on a shared network server, you can copy the files in the MaxSupervisor folder to your desktop PC, and run the MaxSupervisor Setup program.

MaxSupervisor is an auto-upgrading client application and will automatically check the server on login to ensure the client is up to date.



MaxSupervisor  Download

Shared Components

MaxSupervisor Download

Shared Components




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