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AltiGen MaxInSight is a workgroup performance application. It provides call center managers and agents with the ability to track workgroup status and performance data from a wall-mounted LCD panel or from their PCs.



MaxInsight is recommended for call center managers who require real time alerts and statistics on a large screen monitor with multiple display options such as charts, graphs, gauges and numerical statistics. Fully customizable, MaxInsight can display information for single or multiple groups.


How to install it:

Installation overview (refer to the MaxInsight manual for detailed instructions):


- MaxInsight requires an AltiGen MaxInsight Session License. 


- MaxInsight can be found in on the MAXCS 8.5 Client CD. Direct download locations are linked on the System Requirements chart below.


Follow these steps to instal MaxInsight on a client machine:

1.Exit all Windows applications.

2.Insert the MAXCS 6.5 Clients CD into the CD ROM drive.

3.Open the MaxInSight folder, and run the Setup program in that folder, following the step-by-step installation instructions as they appear on the screen.

Alternatively, if your system administrator has loaded MaxInSight on a shared network server, you can copy the files in the MaxInSight folder to your desktop PC, and run the MaxInSight Setup program. 


System Requirements:

The chart below lists the minimum system requirements for MaxInsight. Note that MaxInsight is an automatically upgrading client application, like MaxCommunicator and MaxSupervisor, so the software will check for updates on each logon.



MaxInsight Download

Shared Components


Shared Components



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