Field Alert #280 New partner forums

We’ve recently upgraded our forum software to provide a better partner site experience. AltiGen’s technical operations staff will be posting information regarding limited scope fixes/workarounds, as well as target field trial and release dates for upcoming software revisions.

We encourage all members of our partner community to participate in forum discussions. Our team will monitor and reply to posts as time permits. Tickets should still be opened as usual – via the partner site or by calling in.

Both individual topics and entire forums have subscription capability – just click on the ‘Subscribe’ link at the bottom of the topic/forum. An email will be sent when a new post is made. Please note that forum access is available only to AltiGen partners.

We will be recognizing partners that frequently contribute to the forums. Partners that make a consistent positive impact will have their support workgroup queue priority increased.

The method to access our forums has not changed. Just click on the Forums link on the top navigation bar at

Please provide feedback directly on the forums, or email

AltiGen Field Alert #280
Date: 6/1/2010
Subject: New partner forums


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4th of June, 2010

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