Temporary Licenses

Temporary licenses are issued on as as-needed basis by TSO. The licenses are delivered in an EXCTL file that can be easily applied to your MAXCS system. Depending on the situation, the licenses will be valid from 1-30 days, at which point they will expire and be unusable. Note that only the temporary licenses expire; any regular licenses will stay active. For instance - if a single ALTI-REPORT temporary license is installed but expires, the only functionality impacted will be AltiReport. The MAXCS core software will continue processing calls as usual.

Backing up the current EXCTL is not required, but can be accomplished by copying the C:\altiserv\db\EXCTL.dat file to a backup location.

In order to install the temporary EXCTL, launch MaxAdmin and go to the License menu, Select License Information, then click on the Registration button. Click the Load button, then browse to the EXCTL file and click Open. The temporary licenses will be available for use immediately.

If a regular license is registered while temporary licenses are installed, the temporary licenses will no longer be available for use.

Historical EXCTL files can be accessed by logging in to https://partner.altigen.com, then clicking on the Technical Support link at the top. Select Product Registration on the left side of the page, search for a customer, then click on the "x install" link that appears. You'll see an EXCTL button next to each registration.


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