Manual Switch Over instructions

September 2010


The Manual Switch Over feature is primarily used for administrators when the Primary server has switched over automatically/manually to secondary.  When the issues have been resolved on the primary, the administrator can manually switch back to the primary server.


  1. Restart the inactive server. After the server has been restarted, check Replication Status in Redundancy Administration dialog. The status should show “Updated” on both primary and secondary servers before proceeding to the next step.
  2. From the  secondary server, open MaxAdmin, use menu Management\Redundancy to invoke Redundancy dialog, as shown in the figure below.  Confirm the server role is “Secondary”
  3. From the Redundancy dialog box, click Status button,


Fig: Redundancy dialog box.
4.  A dialog will pop up, as shown the figure below.  This dialog will show keep alive server redundancy status.

Fig:  Redundancy Administration dialog

4A.  The controls of this dialog are organized into 3 groups:

1)      Redundancy Status: shows which server is in control. Take over control reason and time will also be shown;

2)      Primary System: shows primary server status. If a server is running, the status is “Up”. Because the connections are in a chain, if a direct service is not detectable, it’s status will be “Down”, all indirect service status will be “Unknown”. Replication status will also be shown;

3)      Secondary System: same as primary server group.

4)      The status of Voice Mail Server always shows the connection between active system and voice mail server. It can be “Available” and “Unavailable”

At the bottom there is a box showing current connected server IP address. If we open the dialog from primary server AltiAdmin, the address will be primary server IP address, otherwise it will be secondary server IP address.

5.  Confirm the correct server is in control and switching service shows, “Up” in both systems.  The secondary server admin view of all the boards, trunk and extensions should look exactly like the primary server.  If it does not, please stop/start the altigen services on the secondary server so that the secondary server can synch up.

  6.  Once step 5 has been confirmed, click on the “Manual Switch Over” button.   

7.  This will then change the status on the server that was in control to “No” and the server that’s now in control to “Yes”.

8.  At this point, you will need to wait for the replication status window to change from “Updating” to “Updated”

9.  Once the replication status has changed, you can now open up MaxAdmin on the Primary server. 

10.  The switchover takes about 2-3 mins to take control.  Please do not reset anything at this time.  Make sure that all of the IP phones have registered back to the primary and that you     are able to make calls. If there were any phones connected at this time, they will need to finish up
  their call and hang up so that the primary server can update the phone with the correct status of which server is in control.

11.  Once confirmed that calls can be completed, (incoming, outgoing, extension to extension and voicemail access) click on the redundancy dialog
box on the secondary server, and check the option “Automatically assume control when active system is not available.” This is only available for the
standby system. Once redundancy switch happens, this option for new standby system will be unchecked. Customer should have it checked

manually after making sure that the new standby system is recovered. If this option is unchecked on standby system, the following message will
pop up when log on server by MaxAdmin or open the redundancy configuration dialog.



Figure:  Warning for automatically resume control option


In case the user, for some reason, decided to leave the “Enable Redundancy” box in the secondary server unchecked. 
If that happens, then the user would have to 

1) check the box again,

2) restart the secondary server (so the server would not be expecting a system key),

3) manually switchover to the primary server, and

4) restart the primary server again (because the hardware would be missing out of the board view until restarted.


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