Redundant SoftSwitch reboot procedure


This document will cover the updated reboot procedure recommended for all redundant SoftSwitch installations. In the past we had recommended the same reboot procedure for all SoftSwitch systems, that is that the SoftSwitch, Gateways and Media/Application servers can be reboot in any order. However, we have received reports from the field that occasionaly in redundant environments it is possible for Gateways to fail to properly attach following a reboot. When this issue occurs, the Gateway will still appear to be attached in Softswitch Component Management, and all of the Gateway's resources will appear to be available. Engineering and QA are working on a more permanent solution, in the meantime we recommend following this updated reboot procedure to avoid Gateway reattachment issues. 

Planned Reboot Procedure:

1) Login to MaxAdmin on the Primary SS and open SoftSwitch Component Management. Detach all gateways and media servers.
2) Reboot the systems, they can be reboot in any order or all at once. You will also need to reboot the Application server at this time if this server is separate from the Softswitch server.
3) Wait a few minutes for the systems to come back online.
4) Login to MaxAdmin on the Primary SS and open SoftSwitch Component Management. Attach all gateways and media servers.  Confirm that the application server status shows connected.  This can be found in the Applications Server tab.  
5) Place test calls to confirm the system is operating normally.

Recovery from unplanned Reboot or Gateway Attachment issue:

The most common symptom of a Gateway that is not properly attached is failing trunk calls. The system will attempt to access the resource on the Gateway, but the communication fails right away. One way/no way audio may indicate the Media HMCP server is not properly attached. If you have these or similar symptoms and believe you have a Gateway or Media server that is not properly attached, simply detach the Gateway or Media Server via SoftSwitch Component Services, reboot that system only, then reattach it once it has come back up. You do not need to reboot the SoftSwitch or any systems that are properly attached. 

Note: We have had several customers in the past simply try rebooting all of the systems multiple times if they experience issues. THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED. It can take several minutes for all of the services to come up on all of the machines and be ready to reconnect. Repeated reboots in a short timeframe make it especially difficult for the SS and components to reattach properly and may exacerbate other problems.


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