Toggling RTM from Multicast to Unicast in MaxSupervisor


MaxSupervisor can retreieve workgroup statistics from AltiGen's RTM (Real Time Monitoring) in one of two modes:  UDP (Multicast), or TCP (Unicast).  If the server and client are on the same subnet, using multicast IP transmit this data provides a more efficnet use of network resources.  MaxSupervisor should be able to auto-detect and auto-select which mode is appropriate.  In some network scenarios however, UDP mode may be selected, even though the client is not able to recieve this information. In thse cases it is necessary to access MaxSupervisor's RTM Debug panel to manually select the TCP mode.

Changing RTM Mode:

In order to change the RTM mode, first launch MaxSupervisor, and log in.  Once you have the main MaxSupervisor window open, press Ctrl-Alt-m to open the RTM Debug panel.  Clicking on the "Switch Mode" button will toggle between UDP and TCP modes, however this change will not be apparent until after clicking on the "Refresh Mode" button.



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30th of April, 2012

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