MaxCS All Software Training Course

The All Software Solution is a newly released MaxCS 6.7 configuration that allows for the entire MaxCS system to be run without any specialized hardware, allowing MaxCS to be run on independently sourced servers, or even in a VMWare server.

While the vast majority of server settings already familiar to AltiGen Technicians are unchanged from the traditional All-In-One hardware based solutions such as a Max2000, there are two major differences to be aware of. The first is the use of the HMCP virtual board in place of traditional VoIP boards, resource boards, and conference boards. The second major difference is the use of the soft system key which removes the need for the parallel port dongle which has been used in traditional systems.

A training "mini-course" has been created on the MaxCS learning portal, and is open to all AltiGen dealers - simply login with the same credentials you use on the AltiGen Dealer Site.   This training course consists of two videos:

  • What is HMCP? - This training video provides an overview summary how the virtual HMCP board in a MaxCS All Software system provides the VoIP resources that were historically provided by DSP boards in traditional MaxCS All-In-One systems.
  • HMCP Installation and Configuration - This training video walks through the installation and configuration of the MaxCS All Software Solution.


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18th of October, 2012

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