AltiGen Network Port Summary

Below is a list of network ports used by AltiGen MaxCommunication server.  Some of the ports listed are obsoleted or depracated.  Note that this should not be intepreted as a list of ports that should be forwarded through a firewall. For example, TCP port 10068 is used to connect to MaxAdministrator remotely. For general security best practices, running the administrator program should be limited to the internal network, and not exposed to the Internet.

Port Number TCP/UDP Protocol Notes
69 TCP TFTP IP Phone firmware updating. 
80 TCP
Polycom Phone Service
 443  TCP  Polycom Phone Service
5060 UDP SIP Used for SIP trunks and 3rd party IP phones, NOT for AltiGen IP Phones
5061 TCP SIPS Secure SIP (must be properly configured in AltiWare)
10010 TCP N/A AltiGen Network Assessment Tool
10015 TCP AltiReach (Obsolete)
10025 TCP ALP AltiGen Clients (MaxCommunicatior, MaxAgent, MaxSupervisor, etc)
10026 TCP TAPI TAPI (Deprecated)
10027 TCP AltiGen CDR logging. Used by MaxSupervisor, and External Logger
10028 TCP Altigen client Email.
10032 TCP ATPS Necessary for AltiGen IP phones
10037 TCP
10040 TCP AltiJLIB Used remotely for Meet Me Conference Manager from AltiClient
10050 TCP AltiClient Auto Upgrade
10060 UDP SIP AltiGen IP SIP port. Also preferred for AltiGen SIP Tie trunks.
10064 TCP AltiGen IP Phone logging.
 10029  TCP  MaxInSight
 10010  TCP  Network Accessment Tool
 10066  TCP
 Extension Global Appearance
10068 TCP AltiAdmin connection.
10080, 10081 TCP MaxMobile client connection
49152-49211 * UDP RTP/RTCP Media stream (audio) for VoIP calls
49152-49211 * TCP h.245 h.245 control for media streams when using h.323  (Obsolete) 
 30000-31000  UDP  Remote IP phones behind NAT

* 49152-49211 represents the ports that would be used on a 30 port Max1000 system. This range will change based on the number of VoIP ports configured, and the system OS (Windows 2008 may use a different starting port)


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