Uploading to AltiGen's FTP site from the Windows command shell

The easiest way to upload traces to AltiGen Technical Support is to use the Trace Collection utility that is built in to MaxCS, or to attach the traces directly to the case on the AltiGen Partner website. From time to time these options may not be viable. In these cases the easiest method is to use an graphical FTP client such as FileZilla. Since it is not viable for AltiGen to provide support for every concievable 3rd party FTP software, this article focuses on the command shell FTP client that is provided with all versions of Microsoft Windows. Note that this is not the easiest way to upload files, however because it is a buitin function with windows it is a method hat should always be available.

Before connecting to the FTP servrer to upload files, it is important to know the following pieces of data:

Server Name: tsfiles.altigen.com
Directory: dealer_uploads (Note that this maps to the same directory as "dealer uploads" with a space)
Username: dealerup
Password: Upl0ad

Start by opening a Windows command shell (Fig. 1). Change to the directory that contains the files you wish to upload. In this case the file to be uploaded is "case 12345.zip" located in the directory D:\Ben\AltiGen\Trace. The windows command cd is used to change directories. cd D:\Ben\AltiGen\Trace will move us to the correct directory (Fig. 2).

Command Shell
Fig. 1
Change Directory
Fig. 2

Once you have moved into the correct local directory, connect to the FTP server. This is as simple as typing the command ftp tsfiles.altigen.com (Fig. 3). Upon conection to the FTP server you will be prompted for a password After entering the username and password provided above, you should then be given an ftp> prompt (Fig. 4).

ftp tsfiles.altigen.com
Fig. 3
Logged In to FTP server
Fig. 4

From the ftp prompt, change to the directory the trace will be copied to by typing cd dealer_uploads (Fig. 5). Befor uploading the file, the FTP mode must be changed from ASCII to binary. Use the bin command to do this (Fig. 6). If this is not done, the FTP upload will not be retrievable. To upload the file use the command put followed by the follow name. Since the file to be uploaded is named case 12345.zip use the command put "case 12345.zip" (Fig. 7), and the ftp upload begins (Fig. 8). Because there is a space in the file name, it must be quoted, as shown here.

cd dealer_uploads
Fig. 5
Set Binary Mode
Fig. 6
put case 12345
Fig. 7
Fig. 8

When the upload is complete, the window will show that the transfer has completed, how many bytes were transferred, how long the transfer took, and the average rate of transfer (Fig. 9). To exit, type quit or close the window. Update the case on the AltiGen Partner website so that support knows that the files have been uploaded.

Transfer Complete
Fig. 9


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