Win2008 and Win2008 R2 Performance Monitor

Windows Performance Monitor (perfmon) is a tool that monitors several services and provides important information after a server reboots or encounters a service problem. AltiGen's perfmon profile can be downloaded here and installed in the following manner:

  1. Download, and unzip the AltiGen2008.xml file to c:\PerfMon on the altigen server.
  2. Open to Control Panel -> Administrative tools -> Reliability and Performance Monitor.
  3. Highlight Performance Logs and Alerts.

  4. Right click on Performance Monitor and create a new Data Collector Set.

  5. Name the new data collector set and click next.

  6. Browse to the Altigen2008.xml file you saved to C:\PerfMon and press the Next button.

  7. Expand the User Defined data collector sets and notice that Altigen is stopped.

  8. Highlight Altigen on the left side of the screen, right click and select Properties. Select the Stop Condition tab and set conditions as necessary then press Apply.

  9. Expand the User Defined data collector sets and notice that Altigen is stopped. Right click on Altigen and select Start.

  10. Altigen performance monitor is now running

  11. Await next problem occurrence. When the failure occurs, document the date and time. Copy and zip the Altigen performance logs located at C:\Perfmon shown below and run the Tracecollector.exe and upload the files to the ftp site. Update your case to let the assigned Technical Support engineer know that the information is available. A sample or the log is show below on the right.



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