AudioCodes MP-202 Configuration Guide for 7.0 - Workspace SIP Trunks

Note: This article applies only to Workspace SIP Trunks.

If you are configuring an MP-202 device for Release 7.0 on AltiGen SIP trunks, refer to Article 1165.

If you are configuring an MP-202 device for Release 7.5, refer to Article #1151.

This guide explains the changes required to configure the AudioCodes MP-202 Telephone Adapter for fax machines.

The MP-202 adapter will be configured to communicate directly with your SIP Service Provider. The SIP Service Provider will need to provision an additional SIP trunk group for this purpose.

IMPORTANT:  AltiGen does not provide general configuration support for AudioCodes products. AltiGen only supports the MP-202 device as a fax adapter. A support agreement with AudioCodes is required. A dedicated public IP address for the device is required.

The instructions in this article based upon an AudioCodes MP-202 device with firmware version 2.6.4_build_9_1.



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9th of December, 2014

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