AudioCodes MP-11x Analog Configuration Guide for MaxCS 7.0 Update 1

Update 4/10/2014:  Added steps to configure E911 Location-Based Caller ID for MaxCS 7.0 Update 1.

Update 4/14/2014:  Changed to external IP addresses in examples. 

This guide shows configuration for MAXCS 7.0 Update 1. For instructions on FoIP configuration for MAXCS Release 7.5, see Article #1144.

This guide explains how to configure one or more analog extensions using an AudioCodes VoIP SIP MP-11x or MP-124 gateway.

These instructions will work behind most on-premise firewalls, NAT routers, and EdgeMarc SBCs.

This guide comes with two files. (These two files can be found in the AltiGen Knowledge Base, along with this guide.) Store these files locally; you will need to upload them into the AudioCodes configuration tool during the procedures in this guide.A support agreement with AudioCodes is required.
AltiGen does not provide general configuration support for AudioCodes products.



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15th of December, 2014

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