RDP Connections fail with a message that users must change password

NOTE:  You can download an rdp connection that already has CredSSP disabled here.

Regular updating of user passwords is a part of password policy best practices.  MaxCS Cloud servers force windows users to update passwords on a regular basis.  Due to differing configurations in various versions of both Windows Server, as well as in the Remote Desktop Client itself may lead to an inability to connect to the server via RDP when the password is required to be changed.

When functioning correctly, a user connecting with Remote Desktop should be able to change their password through the RDP session itself.  The instructions that follow are intended to be used when the connection is refused with a message that says, "You must change your password before logging on the first time. Please update your password or contact your system administrator or technical support".


If this error is encountered, the solution is to disable Credential Security Support Provider (CredSSP) on the client side.  This cannot be directly accomplished using the Remote Desktop configuration GUI.  Instead it is required to save, and edit, a .rdp file.

To do so, launch the Remote Desktop Client, enter the server name, username, and any other desired configurations, then select the "Save As..." option.

Once the configuration is saved, open the .rdp file that it's created in a text editor (notepad.exe, for example), and add the following line to the .rdp file to disable CredSSP:


Once this line is added, open the .rdp file to connect.  This time the ability to update the password should be presented.

 rdp_inform_password.png    rdp_passwordchange_success.png


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