MaxCS Gateway Product Matrix

Updated 4/20/2016: New article #1216 for ADTRAN Total Access 900 series configuration.

This matrix lists the third-party gateways that are currently supported by MaxCS.   Important: Gateways are supported only for the configurations listed below.


Models   Applications  Documentation 
MP-118, MP-124  FXS Analog Extension   
MaxCS 7.0 Update 1:  Article #1110
MP-118, MP-124  911 Survivability Gateway      
MaxCS 7.0:  Article #1111
MP-118, MP-124  FXS Analog Extension
FXO Analog Trunk
T.38 Fax (FoIP)
PSTN Survivability
MaxCS 7.5:  Article #1144 
MP-118, MP-124 FXS Analog Extension
FXO Analog Trunk
Fax-over IP (FoIP)
PSTN Survivability
Centrex configuration
Release Link Tie FXO
MaxCS 7.5 Patch 1:   Article #1179
MP-202  FXS Analog Fax
FXS T.38 Fax (FoIP) 
MaxCS 7.0 - Workspace SIP Trunks: Article #1108
MaxCS 7.0 Update 1: Article #1165
MaxCS 7.5 - AltiGen SIP Trunks: Article #1151     
Mediant series     T1 / E1 Analog Support
MaxCS 7.0:  Article #1113 
Mediant series     T1 / Centrex
MaxCS 7.5 Patch 1:  Article #1185
Mediant series     PRI / TLS
T1 Release Link Tie
MaxCS 7.5 Patch 1: Article #1186


Models   Application  Documentation 
MVP210, MVP410  Remote SIP Trunking Gateway
911 Trunk FXO/PRI Survivability    
MaxCS 7.0 Update 1: Article #1114    
MaxCS 7.5: Article #1175


Model   Application  Documentation 
Session Border Controller
 (SBC) 4550
Traffic Shaping/
Survivability  With an AudioCodes device)      
MaxCS 7.0:  Article #1115      


Model  Application  Documentation
Total Access 900 series  T1/PRI Trunking Gateway
Analog Fax
MaxCS 7.5 Update 1 and MaxCS 8.0: Article #1216
644 NetVanta T1/PRI Trunking Gateway              
MaxCS 7.5: Article #1176
MaxCS 8.0: Under development           


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