IP Phone paging with multi-homed MaxCS Servers

When configuring a MaxCS server with multiple IP addresses, the multicast IP packets that are used for IP phone paging will likely egress the MaxCS Private Cloud server from the source address that is the route to the Internet. Usually this is undesirable, because the local IP phones (those phones that would need to receive this page) are communicating with the other IP addresses on the server.

To ensure that the packets containing the voicestream are sent using the correct IP address it may be necessary to add a route to the Windows system's routing table. This is done in the following from the Windows command shell:


As an explaination:

  • ROUTE - This is the Windows command being run. To see all options available for the route command, simply type route
  • ADD - This is the argument to the route command to create a new IP route
  • -p - This flag means 'persistent'. A persistent route will remain in the routing table through system reboots, etc. If the persistent flag is not added, then the route would be deleted on system reboot.
  • - This is the target IP address of the route. The audio stream for AltiGen IP phone pages is always sent to this IP address.
  • MASK - The subnet mask for this route. Using for this route indicates that the route applies ONLY to the target IP address.
  • - This is the gateway that traffic for the target IP address should use. is used here as an example ONLY. This address will potentially change based on your network configuration.
  • METRIC 1 - The METRIC argument indicates the prioritization of the route. The lower the number, the higher the priority. By using 1 as the value, it means that no other route can supersede this entry.


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