Migration to MaxCS Cloud

Updated 1/22/2020
Updated 9/14/2015, added new step 3.

This document describes how to migrate existing MaxCS systems to a Private Cloud service. This process will allow the configuration to be kept as well as all recordings and user voicemails.

  • CDR (Call History) will not be moved with this process
  • An Enterprise Network configuration will not be brought to the new cloud server

Note:  When upgrading from releases earlier than 6.5, you should re-enter the data and the configuration details rather than performing these steps.  Reuse existing phrases, leverage existing import/export tool to create extensions. There is no voicemail or call history migration in this process.

Migrating from MaxCS 6.5 or Later

1. Back up the on-premise server

a. Open old backup and go to Altiserv\DB
b. Delete the Global Realm folder if visible
c. Delete the Local Realm Folder
d. Delete the Local Site folder
e. Delete the Device Token
f. Delete EXCTL.dat
g. Upload this backup to the Cloud Server desktop and place it into a folder named OLD

2. Back up the new Cloud server to the desktop, into a folder named NEW

a. Open NEW backup and go to Altiserv/DB
b. Copy the Local Realm folder
c. Copy the Local Site folder
d. Copy device token

3. Place these three items into Desktop\OLD\Altiserv\DB

4. Log into MaxCS on the new cloud system and select Services > Utilities > Backup and Restore

5. Click Restore; select all of the checkboxes

6. From the "Restore From" pulldown menu, select the OLD folder to restore the data and click OK


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