SoTel SIP Trunk Configuration for MaxCS 7.5

This article is provided for Partners who are configuring SoTel SIP Trunks for their customers for MaxCS Release 7.5.  You will following this general process to configure the SIP Trunks:
  1. Determine which SoTel SIP Trunk servers to use 
  2. Change Digit 9 to Route Access
  3. Check licenses and SIP trunks
  4. Configure a new Codec Profile
  5. Assign the Codec Profile to the two SIP servers
  6. Confirm NAT configuration
  7. Configure a new SIP Trunk Profile
  8. Plan the channel configuration
  9. Configure the channels
  10. Check your configuration
  11. Enable SIP options for the servers
  12. Configure Out Call Routing
  13. Configure Inbound Routing
  14. Test the SIP Trunks


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12th of October, 2015

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