MaxCS Private Cloud Upgrade Policy

It is the goal of AltiGen Communication’s Cloud Operations group to make sure that software running on hosted servers is kept properly up to date. To this end, AltiGen is creating this policy to provide requirements for keeping AltiGen software such as MaxCS, External Logger Service, AltiReport, operork to be done outside of business hours. Because scheduling of these updates requires coordination with the end user, it is best left up to the Value Added Reseller (VAR, also known as AltiGen Partner or AltiGen Dealer) to handle these updates.

In order to best normalize our hosted environment, and provide the highest level of service to our MaxCS Private Cloud customers, all hosted systems are expected to be upgraded to the latest major release version within 6 months of its general availability. AltiGen may, at its discretion, allow additional time for this window.  In the event that updates are not completed by this date, AltiGen's Operations team will begin to contact you to coordinate this.  If updates are still not completed 30 days after this, AltiGen's Operations group will coordinate with the customer, and update MaxCS software and charge the dealer for this work.

Within each major release version, it is expected that servers will be kept up to date with updates and revisions. No specific policy will be created for these minor upgrades, but our operations department may reach out to you to request servers be upgraded if the prior version is significantly out of date.


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12th of February, 2015

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