MaxCS 7.5 MultiVoIP Configuration Guide

Updated 7/7/2015: Expanded "Operational Limitations" section.

This document provides guidelines for setting up a MultiTech gateway as a SIP trunking gateway, and for configuring SIP extensions.

The firmware version for MVP410 used in this example is 6.09.0a. The AltiGen IP phone firmware version needs to be 2xxx (SIP-based).


  • Your system must be running MaxCS release 7.5.
  • You must have a MultiTech MultiVoIP Voice over IP gateway (MVP210, MVP410, or MVP810).
  • Both the MaxCS system and the MultiVoIP gateway need to have public IP addresses or be in the same private network range. NAT is not supported at this time.
  • If private network addresses are used, an intranet (such as VPN, frame-relay, and so on) is required prior to configuration of the remote MultiVoIP gateway.



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7th of July, 2015

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