MaxCS 7.5 Patch 1 New Features Guide

This guide describes the features that have been added to MaxCS 7.5 in the Patch 1 release, including:

  • Free Format – This feature lets you insert delays and/or to send out additional DTMF digits when forwarding calls to an extension, a hunt group, a workgroup, or an outside number.
  • Verizon SIP trunk support – Two new SIP Trunk options, Custom P-Asserted Identity and Diversion, have been added to the SIP Trunk Profile parameters to support Verizon Caller ID. 
  • SIP Trunk Release Link Tie (SIP Refer) - This feature is implemented to support various AudioCodes devices.  It instructs the SIP Trunk provider to release both the inbound and the outbound legs of a transferred call once the transfer has been completed. 
  • SIP Trunk TLS Support – This feature is implemented to support SIP Trunks. 
  • IPTalk Redirect This feature allows users to redirect a client application to the alternate server if the client loses its connection to the main server. 
  • Secondary Proxy for Polycom Phones – You can now assign a secondary proxy server that Polycom phones will connect to when the main MaxCS server becomes unavailable, for limited inbound and outbound calls. When the main MaxCS server is back up, the phones will automatically reconnect to the main server.
  • SIP Delayed Offer Support – MaxCS now supports SIP Delay Offer on incoming SIP calls.
  • Polycom Global Relocation – Users can now relocate their Polycom phones within the Enterprise domain.
  • Polycom Password Consolidation – AltiGen has merged the various passwords for Polycom phones, to make maintenance an easier process.


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12th of October, 2015

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