MaxCS Cloud New Account Setup

For steps to migrate an existing customer to MaxCS Cloud, refer to Article #1172.

For new MaxCS customers setting up a new Cloud service, perform these steps: 

1. After the order has been submitted and processed, open the customer’s account in the Cloud order portal and switch to the General tab. This tab contains login details for the virtual machine, login details for MAXCS Administrator, and other configuration details. 

2. Use Remote Desktop to access the virtual machine. 

3. Change the Windows password on the new virtual machine. 

4. Log into MAXCS Administrator and change the MAXCS Administrator password. 

5. Change the Extension Default password. 

6. Configure the SIP trunks.  

7. Configure MAXCS as usual. 

8. (Applicable only to Call Center deployments) We recommend that you log into VRManager and change the VRManager Admin password (the default VRManager Admin password is the same as the Windows Initial password, which you will find on the General tab). 


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30th of April, 2015

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