MaxACD 7.0 Deployment Guide

Updated 7/2018: Refer readers to the "MaxACD 7.0 Exchange Integration Guide" for instructions (and field descriptions) for configuring Exchange Integration.
Updated 10/2017: New step, setting the Skype for Business "Refer Support" option (Voice Routing > Trunk Configuration) to None.
Updated 7/2017: Added note in Redundancy section re: impact of SQL server going down.
Updated 6/2017: Added support for Exchange 2010.
Updated 5/2017: Clarified to reboot MaxACD server instead of restarting services in the "How to failover to the backup server" section.
Updated 12/2016: Clarified that the system key MUST be registered on the second server in order to deploy Redundancy.
Updated 7/2016: Added steps for Windows authentication (External Logger)
Updated 5/2016: Added instructions for Paired Pool Deployment and SQL Authentication of External Logger Service.

This guide introduces AltiGen's Call Center product, MaxACD, which handles automatic call distribution. It details the hardware and software requirements and basic configurations necessary to set up MaxACD in a Microsoft® Lync™ or a Skype for Business environment.

This guide does not cover the process of configuring the Web Chat feature; refer to Article #1205 for those instructions.

If you are upgrading from MaxACD Relase 6.5.8, refer to the instructions in the MaxACD 7.0 Upgrade guide in Article #1207.



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