MaxACD 7.0 Web Chat Deployment Guide

Updated 6/18: Added note that the Web Chat Server is not supported on Windows 10
Updated 3/18: Added step to restart the MaxACD services after upgrading.
Updated 11/17: Expanded section on Upgrading
Updated 5/16: Noted that you must add the Web Chat server to CrossDomainAuthorizationList; otherwise, Web chat users will encounter an error when they click the Chat button.

This guide explains how to configure the MaxACD 7.0 Web Chat feature. You must deploy MaxACD 7.0 before you configure the Web Chat Feature. For basic MaxACD deployment instructions, refer to Article #1204.

The instructions in this guide assume that your Lync 2013 or Skype for Business 2015 server is already set up and working, with the correct public certificate, and that users can log into Lync or Skype for Business without any issues. Instructions for installing Lync or Skype for Business are outside of the scope of this document.

The web chat feature allows organizations to add a “Click to Chat” button to a website. Each button instance can be routed to a unique or common chat workgroup. Form data can be used to differentiate the source of the interaction.

You can configure agents to handle multiple chat sessions concurrently. You can also configure chat auto-answer for agents, with a maximum of 10 sessions. This 10-session limit does not apply if a chat is redirected or the agent uses the Pickup button to retrieve the next chat in the queue. Setting the Lync/Skype status to Not Ready will stop additional chats from being delivered to the agent.



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