AltiGen SIP Trunk Account PIN Protection

To prevent undesirable "port-out" (slamming) of DIDs on AltiGen SIP Trunks, we have added a "PIN Protection" feature to our ordering portal.  When this feature is set, all DID numbers on the account will be unable to port without this PIN code. The option to set this pin-code is now provided when ordering a new AltiGen SIP Trunk.  For existing DIDs, this number can be set in our ordering portal on the "General" tab of the system configuration:

setsiptrunkpincode01.png setsiptrunkpincode02.png

After the number has been set, it can be displayed using the "Show" / "Hide" option that will appear beside the "Security Pin" option.  To remove the PIN, simply set it to an empty value.

For legal reasons, this is an "Opt-In" feature - we cannot enforce default values, nor can we require it to be set.


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22nd of June, 2016

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