Polycom IP Phone Configuration Guide MaxCS 8.5

Updated September 12, 2017 - E911 Support section
Updated June 27, 2017 - Polycom paging section
Updated April 13, 2017 - E911 Support section

This document provides configuration details for Polycom IP phones and lists the limitations of using Polycom IP phones with AltiGen’s MAXCS 8.5 system. 

Separate documents are provided for end-users who will be using the Polycom phones with the MAXCS system. Those documents explain phone features such as Do Not Disturb, call transfers, initiating conference calls, and other common actions. You can find these user guides, as well as all current MAXCS documentation, at http://www.altigen.com/support/maxcs-manuals/.

This document does not cover every aspect of each Polycom phone; refer to your Polycom product documentation as needed. 


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12th of September, 2017

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