Polycom Firmware on Server

As we transition to supporting the newest firmware for our ACM systems for Polycom, there is a workaround solution that you can do to your system to allow you to utilize the upgrade option from the server.  This does require either a restart of services or reboot to employ.

From the customer server, do the following:

  1. Log into the ACM server 8.5
  2. Go to c:\altiserv\PolycomFW
  3. Create a new folder named VVXNEW
  4. Open a web-browser and go to: http://support.polycom.com/content/support/North_America/USA/en/eula/ucs/uc-agreement-5-5-1-rev-q-split.html
  5. Once downloaded into a folder in c:\altiserv\PolycomFW\VVXNEW, unzip into that folder, not a sub-folder. (Use the VVX folder as a guideline)
  6. Rename the existing VVX folder to VVXOLD.
  7. Rename the VVXNEW folder to VVX.
  8. Restart services or reboot system.
  9. Once services start, ensure that in SYSTEM>Polycom Configuration, the bottom fields read Upgrade VVX firmware to

a.  Ignore the Supported VVX Phone: field, this will change in future release.

10.  Go to IP Phone, the extensions that have been upgraded will now show black instead of red. Check that in the polycom tab, the upgrade field reads the same.


11.  You should now be able to check the upgrade on next for all extensions and in system>polycom configuration and go about business. If you have a new polycom running different firmware, associate it to the server and test. On reboots, the phone should pull the new firmware.



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15th of August, 2017

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