MaxACD 7.0 Voice Recording FTPS Support


Your system must meet the following requirements:

 - The system must have FileZilla Server 0.941 or later installed

- The system must have MaxACD 7.0 installed.

- You must have already configured VRManager and FTP recording using FileZilla as an FTP server. In other words, you should be able to use VRManager Client to query and listen to the call recording files already. In most of the cases, VRManager Server and MaxACD server should not be the same machine.

Configure FTPS on FileZilla

1. Open the FileZilla server interface and log in.

2. Go to Options and select “FTP over TLS settings.”

3. Check “Enable FTP over TLS support (FTPS)."

4. Check “Disallow plain unencrypted FTP."


5. Click “Generate new certificate” to create a new certificate.

6. Enter the required information. For the “Save key and certificate to this file” option, make sure not to accidently delete the certificate file after it is generated. Click “Generate certificate” to generate the certificate file.


FileZilla will automatically use the certificate file you just generated. 
8. Click OK to submit the setting.

FileZilla will automatically use the certificate file you just generated.

8. Click OK to submit the setting.


Enable FTPS IN MaxACD 7.0

1. Open regedit on the MaxACD server.

2. Set “IsFtpSecure” to 1 under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Altigen Communications, Inc.\AcdProxy.


3. Restart the MaxACD services.


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