MaxCS 8.0 Enterprise Domain Upgrade Process

To upgrade multiple MaxCS 8.0 servers in an Enterprise domain to MaxCS 8.5, follow the steps listed below:
  1. Make a server image backup of the Master MaxCS 8.0 server, in case you need to perform a roll back procedure.
  2. Obtain the following packages from Altigen:
    1. MaxCS installation file
    2. QuickFix for SCR 42849 (
  3. Stop all Altigen MaxCS services at the Enterprise Master server.
  4. Run the MaxCS 8.5 installation program. Upgrade the Enterprise Master server from MaxCS 8.0 to MaxCS 8.5 (version
  5. Apply QuickFix 42849 by backing up and replacing the following files (follow the steps from the readme file for the QuickFix):
    1. C:\Altiserv\Exe\altiserv.exe
    2. C:\Altiserv\Exe\altiserv.pdb
    3. C:\Altiserv\Exe\spdump.exe
  6. Restart the MaxCS server.
  7. Repeat steps 1 through 6 on each Slave MaxCS system.


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11th of January, 2018

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