Polycom VVX Hot-dial Configuration

This article explains how to configure a Polycom VVX phone to automatically call a number, extension, or SIP URI when the handset is picked up or the speaker button is pressed.

The phone must first be provisioned and logged into a MaxCS server or Skype For Business service.

  1. Determine the IP address of the phone: Press the Home button, choose Settings and then enter 411.
  2. Open a browser and navigate to that IP address. For example,
  3. Log into the phone application, using 456 as the password (unless the password has been changed). Click Utilities > Import & Export Configuration.

  4. Open Notepad. Copy the line below and and paste it into the blank notepad file.
  5. Replace the 1011 entry with the extension number or phone number that you want the phone to dial when someone picks up the handset. If you want the phone to call a Skype for Business user or a Response Group, replace 1011 with the SIP URI. For example, sip:user@sfbdomain.com.
  6. Save the file with the name autoOffHookDial.cfg.
  7. Return to the Polycom phone application in your browser. On the Import & Export Configuration screen, click Choose File. Navigate to the autoOffHookDial.cfg file that you just created and click Import.

At this point, the phone will automatically reboot.

After the phone restarts, test the auto-dial configuration by picking up the handset. The phone should automatically call the number. Note that the phone will not allow you to dial a separate number; it will automatically dial the number or extension that you programmed it to.

If you want to turn off this auto-dial configuration at some point, open the autoOffHookDial.cfg file and change the entry to the line below (add before and after < and > characters) and save it. Repeat the upload procedure described earlier. The phone will reboot and the autodial feature will be removed.



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