Salesforce Connector Configuration Guide for MaxACD 7.1

This guide is provided for administrators who are configuring AltiGen Communication’s MaxACD 7.1 to work with The instructions cover:

  • How administrators configure the Salesforce Connector
  • How agents enable the Salesforce pop-up in MaxAgent.

Note that the MaxGroups feature of MaxACD Release 7.1 does not support the Salesforce Connector.

Salesforce provides an OpenCTI toolkit to integrate its accounts with telephony systems. A softphone is created in a web browser for agents to handle calls. When calls come in, the Salesforce Connector retrieves the IVR data and looks for a ID match in the customer database based upon the Caller ID, Contact, Account, or Lead information. Salesforce OpenCTI is server-side technology; there is no software to install on the client systems.


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15th of August, 2019

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