3G-R3 and 3G-R4 RAID Assembly Details

The ALTI-OFFICE-3GR3 and ALTI-OFFICE-3GR5 servers use an Accusys ACS-76200 RAID assembly. RAID1 is configured, with a third drive installed as a hot spare. The drives are 250GB 3.5" Seagate, 7200RPM. All RAID processing is handled in the assembly itself; no separate RAID controller is needed.

A cooling fan is integrated in to the unit, along with a CR2023 lithium battery. The battery can be seen by removing the bottom drive and looking towards the back of the assembly. AltiGen does not consider the fan or battery to be field-replaceable items; should either fail, the assembly will need to be replaced.

RAID and unit health are monitored within Windows by the StorConn RAID management software, which can be found here.

Field Replacement
RAID configuration is set on the back of the assembly as seen in the picture below. The factory default setting has been circled. Make sure this is configured properly on the replacement assembly before installing. If an assembly has to be replaced in the field, note that you need to power up the new assembly for the first time with no drives installed.

1) Make a backup of your MAXCS configuration to a USB drive or network share.
2) Power down and unplug the system. Remove the top drive and label it. Repeat this process for all drives.
3) Remove the defective RAID assembly and install the new assembly.
4) Leaving the drives out of the assembly, plug in the chassis power and power up the system. Wait 1 minute.
5) Power down the system. Install the drives in the new assembly as previously labelled. Power up the system.

RAID configuration dip switches on back of assembly:                                                                         



Back of assembly showing 2 power connections, 1 SATA connection, and 1 RS-232:



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