Max1000 and MAX2000 Chassis Details

Updated 10/21/2014.

Hardware specifications (revision A8 for Max1000; revision A9 for Max2000):

Max1000 Max2000
Operating system  Windows 7 Win2008 Telecom Server 
CPU Intel D2550 1.8GHz  Intel D2550 1.8GHz 
HDD 1x320 GB SATA  2x500GB SATA RAID1 
RAID N/A  RAID1 with Hot-Swap 
Memory 4 GB (1x4GB)  4 GB (1x4GB) 
Ethernet 10/100/1000 NIC  10/100/1000 NIC 
Power supply 250W 2x250W Hot Swap 
Maximum users 50 150
Max T1/E1 1 2

To determine the revision number of a chassis, look at the serial number, which is printed on the side of the chassis. The format is xxxxAxxxxxxxxx. An example of an A8 revision chassis:  0950A8CS000241.



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