AppNote: AltiReport

What is it?
AltiReport is a Web-based reporting application that can generate 45 detailed reports, according to agent, workgroup, and DNIS. Both report summaries and analyses are available. Many reports have a graphical chart component. AltiReport has the ability for each user to define his or her favorite reports, and to have those reports automatically generated and emailed to the user in a variety of formats (HTML, PDF, and CSV). A single installation of AltiReport can provide reporting for multiple MAXCS systems.

Why use it?

AltiReport is recommended for the following scenarios:

-Any installation that requires very detailed agent and workgroup reporting in an easy-to-use interface.

-When users require automatic report generation on a customizable schedule.


How to install it:

Installation overview (refer to the AltiReport manual for detailed instructions):


- AltiReport requires the External Logger Service is running and logging data to a supported SQL database on the same network.

- AltiReport requires a license to be added to each MAXCS server you want to report against: ALTI-REPORT. Please contact your inside sales manager for pricing.

- AltiReport can be found on the Add-On Applications CD shipped with each chassis. Direct download locations are linked on the compatibility chart below.

- Use a separate server for AltiReport—do not install on the MAXCS ACM/ACC system. You may install AltiReport on the same system that is running ELS and SQL, however.

- MAXCS ACC/ACM must be installed in the same network.


1) Install and configure the External Logger Service. Note that ELS may be installed on a separate server.

2) Run the AltiReport installation program. Review the information windows to see what components, if any, are already installed.

        Note: When installing Tomcat, make sure to check these boxes when prompted by the setup dialog box: Tomcat, Service, Native, Start Menu Items and Documentation.

3) Once Tomcat is finished installing, the Install AltiReport button will become available. Install AltiReport, and once the installation is complete, reboot.

4) Run Configure Tomcat under Start > Programs > Apache Tomcat 5.5. On the Java tab, change the Maximum Memory Pool to 512M. Restart the Tomcat

5) Connect again to AltiReport on the url http://IPADDRESSofAltiReportServer:8080/altireport. Login as Admin and register the CDR database and MAXCS Admin connections using the link son the left hand side. The default port for database registration is 1433.

6) Once the Database and MAXCS registration is complete, you may add users and begin using AltiReport.


Compatibility chart

The currently installed version of Tomcat, JRE and AltiReport can be seen under Add Remove Programs.

The compatibility chart below lists the Tomcat, JRE, and MAXCS, and Windows versions supported with a particular version of AltiReport.

AltiReport Tomcat JRE MAXCS Windows (32-bit) Windows (64-bit) 5.5 1.5 Server 2000, 2003 N/A 5.5 1.5 - Server 2000, 2003 N/A 5.5 1.5 - Server 2000, 2003, 2008 Server 2008 (see below) 5.5 1.5.0_06 - Server 2003, 2008 Server 2008 (see below)


Tech issues/troubleshooting

-Most AltiReport issues are related to ELS or MAXCS configuration. Review the ELS AppNote if you are having issues registering the database.

-If installed on a Windows Server 2008 system, the current time in AltiReport may be incorrect. A future version of AltiReport will address this issue -- currently the workaround is as follows:

  1. Download JDK6 update 18 from and install it on the AltiReport server.
  2. Configure Tomcat’s JVM: Start -> Programs -> Apache Tomcat 5.5 > Configure Tomcat. Stop Tomcat, and then switch to Java tab. Enter the new installed JDK/JRE JVM path (for example: C:\Program Files(x86)\Java\jre6\bin\client\jvm.dll). Click Apply, then start the Tomcat service.


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