System Key and Chassis Serial Number Swap

If a system key and chassis serial number need to be re-associated ("relinked"), follow the process below. This is necessary if a partner has moved a system key to another chassis, as the system key, chassis S/N, and license pack are all associated with each other when shipped. If a chassis is RMA'ed, the RMA department automatically re-links everything before shipping.

1) Open a case.

2) In the case description, put a one-sentence description of why the relink is occuring. Refer to other cases or RMA numbers if necessary. Then use the following format:
Old link: [System Key] with [Chassis S/N]
New link: [System key] with [Chassis S/N]

3) Save the case. Email both the content of the case and the case number to Vi, Wendy, John, and CC Ian.

4) When the relink is complete, update and close the case.


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