Moving Licenses Between Systems

If a partner wants to move a license from one system to another, the process below should be followed.


  1. The system that the license is being transferred to must be registered and on active software assurance.
  2. Both the "to" and "from" systems must be owned by the same end user. Licenses cannot be moved between different end users.
  3. The entire license key must be moved. For instance, if a ALTI-STATION-10 license is moved, all 10 stations must be moved. You cannot leave 5 stations on the old system and put 5 on the new system.
  4. A license transfer fee of $300 will be assessed per move. This fee covers moving one or more licenses from one system to one other system. Moving to multiple systems will incur a $300 fee per system.
  5. No more than 50 station licenses can be assigned to a Max1000 chassis; no more than 100 station licenses can be assigned to a Max1000R or Max2000 chassis.


  1. Open a support case online using the system key of the system that the licenses are being moved to as the system key for the case.
  2. Fill out the attached License Transfer Form and Credit Card Authorization form. The MAXCS Software Only Solution License Migration Worksheet will also need to be filled out if this is an upgrade to a Software only solution.*
  3. Email the forms to Be sure to put the case number into the email subject line.  Alternately, the forms can be faxed to 408-597-9020. If faxing the forms, please update the associated case to let the support technician know that the forms have been sent.
  4. Please indicate in the case and email if this is an upgrade from an office or max server to a software only solution. (station and agent seat licenses are labeled differently in a software only solution.
  5. Upon receipt of the email, a TSO representative will move the licenses within 24 hours.
  6. Upon completion, perform a registration on the old system. This will remove the license.
  7. Next, perform a registration on the new system. Enter the license key(s) moved from the old system. Note that a pro-rated software assurance charge may apply for each license moved. If the SA of the system that the license is being moved from is expired the SA fee will be assessed from the date of that expiration to the SA expiration date on the system the license is being moved to.

    *Please note: A no charge PO will also need to be turned into sales for all the licenses that needs to be transferred.  They will issue you new licenses.  Please note that station licenses will be converted to SSW-STATION-XX and ACC/ACM Agent seats will be converted to SSW-ACMAGENT-XX. 


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