Field Alert #195 Triton Trunk Boards don't need loop current regulators

AltiGen Field Alert #195
Date:                    January 22, 2007
Subject:               Triton trunk boards don’t need loop current regulators
Distribution:        All Dealers
Doc Type:            Field Alert
Release:              N/A
Scope:                 N/A
Application:         N/A      
Hardware:            Triton Analog Trunk Boards
Keywords:            Triton, Analog, Trunk, 12x0, 8x0, Loop, Current, Regulator, Regulators, FA195
Obsolete:             No



This field alert is to let AltiGen dealers know that analog lines attached to Triton trunk boards do not need loop current regulators.


The Triton board can handle up to 100mA without any issues and work perfectly fine. Do not use current regulators on the Triton trunk boards.


Quantum boards, on the other hand, can only handle up to ~35-40mA, and then you do need a current regulator.




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