Field Alert #212 Boot code update may solve hang problem on IP phones

There are several reasons why it may be necessary for an IP phone’s boot code to be updated.  For example, if customers experience phone lockups, hangs, init failures or any related symptoms on  IP600, IP705, IP710, or IP720 phones, please apply the latest boot code update.  Occasionally new phone features, such as VLAN support will also require that a phone’s boot code also be upgraded, along with it’s firmware.  The boot code can only be updated by using a “safe-mode” boot.  It is strongly recommended that the phone be attached to an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) while flashing the boot code, as a loss of power while flashing the boot code can result in a non-functional phone. AltiGen will not process RMA’s on phones that fail due to flashing the boot code.


1.      Obtain the firmware from the following link and copy it to the computer that will act as the TFTP server.  



2.      Each .zip file contains not only the firmware and boot code for that version, but AltiAltiGen’s TftpNat utility.  Extract the .zip file, and run the TftpNat.exe.  If the Windows firewall asks, allow an exception for this application.  This machine should now be serving the appropriate files via TFTP.


3.      Reboot the IP phone by dialing **3 enter or by unpluging the power to the phone and plugging it back in.


4.      When “CHECK FW” message is displayed, enter **47427 to enter safe mode.


5.      When checking is complete, and the phone is in safe mode (check the display to confirm), you are asked if you want to update:


Press 1 for Yes.



6.      The next question is displayed:


Press 1 if the IP phone uses DHCP to get an IP address, or press 0 if the phone uses a static IP address.
Then confirm each of the network settings displayed by pressing enter at each one.

7.      The next screen asks for the TFTP address:


Enter or confirm the TFTP address (use the * button to input periods) and press Enter.


1.      Next you are asked if you want to update the boot code:


Press 1 for Yes.


2.      You are asked to confirm:


Press 1 for Yes.


3.      You are asked if you want to update the application:


Press 0 for NO if you are updating the boot code only, Press 1 for YES if you would also like to update the firmware version.


4.      You then see the following display:



5.      The phone will reboot on it's own and show you the screen below, which indicates the boot code is being updated:


6.      Wait for the update to complete.


7.      The new boot code improves the stability of the boot process. It also checks the boot record in the flash memory. If the record is corrupted by an earlier version of SIP firmware (v2x28 or earlier) it may cause phone lockup. In this case, the IP phone will show the message:




 “FIX? YES=1, NO=0”


8.      Press 1 for Yes, and the phone should work after that.


To check the version of the boot code, press the Menu button, scroll to SYSTEM > VERSION INFO.  The boot code version is shown in the third and fourth digits.  In the version below the boot code is version 11. Version 13 or above is required for VLAN support. 




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