Loop Back for Triton T1 Board (Tech Note)

Loop Back for Triton T1 Board (Tech Note)

Symptoms: I am receiving errors on my T1/PRI and would like to test the Triton T1 card in a loopback configuration.


Resolution (Permanent):

Take an RJ-45 plug and bridge the Pin 1 to Pin 4 (transmit) and Bridge Pin 2 to Pin 5 (Receive). Plug that straight to the back of the card. You should immediately get a Green light and your T1 trunks should stay Idle. It may be necessary to reset the span after plugging in the loopback connector for the trunks to go idle.


For T1 Socket (RJ-45/RJ-48)

Receive Ring = Pin 1

Receive Tip = Pin 2

Transmit Ring = Pin 4

Receive Tip = Pin 5


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