Manually Deleting a VoIP Domain

Manually Deleting a VoIP Domain


Slave site in a VoIP domain keeps setting itself as the master, unable to add or remove a site from a VoIP domain even though Multi-Site Configuration is correct and Network setup has been verified.

In rare cases, it may be necessary to manually delete and then recreate your VoIP domain. Most Enterprise and VoIP domain issues are due to network or configuration issues. We recommend contacting Technical Support before following the steps in this article.


1. Create a backup for each server in the VoIP domain that you will be performing these steps on. These steps will reset your Enterprise configuration back to default. Be sure to make notes of any special IP Network, Codec or IP Dialing Table configurations before continuing so you can easily re-key these settings later.


2. Remove the system from the VoIP domain via the VoIP Domain Master's AltiEnterprise. If the system cannot be removed from the domain in this manner, try downgrading the system to stand-alone from VoIP -> Multi-Site Domain Configuration within AltiAdmin.


3. Shut down all services. Services -> Shut Down All Services from within AltiAdmin.


4. Browse to C:\AltiServ\db. Delete the Globalrealm and Localrealm folders. Do NOT delete the Localsite folder.


5. Restart switching service, the folders you deleted will be automatically recreated as the services come online.


6. Reconfigure your Enterprise Manager and Multi-Site Domain Configuration, then rejoin the server to the VoIP domain.


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