Facts about Monitor, Barge-In and Coaching

Facts about Monitor, Barge-In and Coaching Monitor/Barge-In/Coaching Facts

● When enabled, the supervisor can listen, barge-in on, coach, and record an agent’s conversation regardless of the agent’s login status.

● As long as the supervisor’s extension can log into AltiSupervisor, they do not have to be a workgroup member to listen to, barge-in on, coach, or record an agent’s conversation.

● For the coaching feature, the agent’s extension can be either an IP extension or a Triton analog extension. It cannot be a Quantum (ISA board) analog extension.

● If a supervisor tries to perform silent monitoring, barge-in, or coaching and there is no resource board in the system, the supervisor will hear an error tone.

● If the supervisor is using an IP phone, then the “Connect Voice Stream to Server” box should be checked in the Extension Configuration window so that the system can pull the caller and agent’s voice stream to the resource board to allow the supervisor to tap into the conversation.

● Silent monitoring, barge-in, coaching or recording or an agent’s conversation is not supported between sites via AltiEnterprise VoIP Domain or H.323.

● Extensions on quantum boards can be listened in/barged-in/coached/ but not vice versa.

● There are 2 built-in silent monitor/barge-in/coach channels for the workgroup supervisor for the MAX1000/MAX1000R.

● The Resource board has a maximum of 12 resources. But is shared with other features like conferencing. So if there is a conference going on, it will take up a monitor resource.

● When using the feature code #59 to listen/barge/coach, make sure the supervisor/agent are in the same workgroup.

● You cannot listen, barge-in on or coach parked calls, calls on hold, or calls in conference.


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