Registration FAQ

Registration FAQ
Common registration errors FAQ:

Q: Error when attempting to register off line using the Register.htm file, gives me a, “Your registration form is invalid” error. Please save registration form from Altiserv and try again.
A: Registration is failing because the register.htm file has expired or it sees duplicate serial numbers for the chassis.

Q: 5.0A -> 5.2 registration, all boards show defective.
A: User ran SA Tool with services shut down. Restarted switching, re-ran the SA tool, now able to continue registration.

Q: I am trying to register the system for software assurance and was unable to do so. The Altigen website did not find any RAM, HDD, or CPU in the system and stated that all boards are defective. 
A: Your AltiWare version must be at least be at (5.1 with update 1)

Q: I registered a specific feature license to the system when it was on 5.0A Update 4. Later I upgraded to 5.2, but didn't register this license. Now when I try to re-add it, it shows as invalid.
A: You had the option of reducing this license feature when you updated from 5.0A to 5.1/5.2. By not adding this license, you essentially chose to reduce this license feature to 0 which turned off the feature license. It is now permanently gone, and you will need to repurchase the license.

Q: When I take a system from 5.1 to 5.2 I get no offer to get an AltiEnterprise license. No checkbox comes up.
A: The reason the Enterprise license didn't show up is that the upgrade was performed incorrectly -- the system was upgraded to 5.2 first (or the registration was invoked via the 5.2 setup). The correct path to follow is do an online/offline register while the system is still at 5.1. When you do that you'll be given the option for the Enterprise license.

Q: I am upgrading and registering a server, and unable to click the registration button because the server resolution is so low that they are unable to click on the registration button.
A: Adjust your screen resolution, or by clicking Tab on your keyboard you can cycle through the available options until you find the correct one.

Q: I am attempting to register a new system with SA. I received the email notifying me of my pending SA order, but when I go to the Assurance and Warranty section of the dealer site, there are no pending orders there.
A: You might have first tried to place the order and then changed your mind to save it and exited out of the page. Please contact technical support if this is the case.

Q: During SA I get the following: "Defective Board" error.
A: The board was not able to pass the board test of AltiAdmin. In order to generate the license, this must pass our certification. You will need to remove the board in order to continue.

Q: My system missing the standard 8 station and 1 AltiView license
A: License pack was not registered. If the license pack was registered previously, you cannot register it again, you must find the keys that the license pack was converted into, and add them to your registration. An easy way to find out if this is the case is to login to the dealer website, go to Technical Support at the top, then Click License Registration on the left. Search for your client and view their registration history to find the appropriate keys.

Q: Moving from one server to another, how do I get the licenses registered from the old dongle to the new dongle?
A: Please open up a case with Technical Support and request a License Transfer Request Form. There is a $300 service charge per license.

Q: After adding a new board, logging into AltiAdmin will give me an error stating that I need to register my board online. I go online and register and I still get the same error.
A: You must click ok through all the pages, and there is one page that has 2 boxes, “save and email” at the top and “submit” at the bottom. You must click on the bottom button. Also, if your system is on 5.1 and you receive this message, check to make sure the system is on version or above.

Q: I am unable to register my NFR server on line.
A: NFR system keys cannot be registered on line. You must load the EXCTL file that comes on the CD labeled, “NFR Registration Files.”

Q: Moved from an Office server to a MAX1000 server, brought over the office system key with the licenses registered to it and tried to load it on the MAX1000 server, and I am unable to load the licenses.
A: Office system keys are not compatible with the MAX keys. Please open up a case with technical support and submit a license transfer request form.

Q: Can I register my licenses first? Or do I have to wait until the day of the upgrade?
A: The registration process is not tied to the upgrade process, and in most cases, registration can be done during the work day ahead of the actual software upgrade.

Q: I ran the SA_Tool and it said I needed more RAM, I've upgraded the RAM but the registration site doesn't see it.
A: Rerun the SA_Tool, the saved register.htm still has the old information from before you upgraded the RAM.

Q: I ran the SA_Tool, and all of my boards show up as defective.
A: Make sure you run the SA_Tool with switching services running. Make sure the server has at least Update 4.

Q: I'm upgrading from 5.1 to 5.2, and the registration site doesn't give me the option to buy SA or to upgrade to 5.2, I can only reregister.
A: Make sure your 5.1 system is on at least, then try the registration again.

Q: The system is on 5.1 and I need to purchase SA so I can upgrade to 5.2, but when I go to the online register, I don't see any option to purchase SA.
A: Make sure you are on or above, then do an online register. After completing the registration, the bottom of the last page will give you the option to purchase SA.

Q: All my licenses are gone! OR some of my licenses are missing OR I need an older/different EXCTL from a previous registration.
A: Login to the Dealer Website, Click Technical Support at the top, then Product Registration on the left. Search for your client name or system key, you can download the EXCTL for any of your client's registrations.

Q: When does my software assurance expire, how can I check my customer’s SA service plan?
A: Login to the Dealer Website, Click Assurance and Warranty at the top, then Service Plans on the left. You will see a listing of all of your clients and all of the information on their SA plan.

Q: I have read all of the above and I am still having issues registering my server.
A: Contact Technical Support or open up a case online. Go to AltiAdmin->Help->About AltiWare Admin->Click on the “License Information” button->Registration->Save Register Form. This will save to a file called “register.htm” have this file handy when you contact Technical Support, it may be needed to troubleshoot your registration issue.


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